Skip to content. Quick links. Dating a GEM razor Let’s talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use. I was wondering if there was any way to find out when a GEM razor was made? I can submit images if it would help, but I imagine that since it doesn’t have any unique markings they were probably just made in a certain time frame? The earlier Micromatic model was made mostly in the ‘s and ‘s. There should be some old ads or patent documents that will give us clues. I have been using a and my shaves have never been closer or more comfortable. I have heard that not everyone is as enthusiastic about all the models of the Gem razors but nearly everyone says the G-bar is the best one.

Straight Razor Manufacturers and Dates of Operation.

For the company of the same name that was founded in and renamed as the Gillette Safety Razor Company, see Gillette brand. Unrelated to the Gillette company which also used the name ‘American Safety Razor Company’ in until before it was renamed for its founder, King C. The company produces a wide range of personal care, medical, industrial blades and cutting tools with international manufacturing operations in The Czech Republic , Germany , Israel , Mexico , and The United States.

After becoming frustrated with shaving, Frederick modified a straight razor by shortening the blade and setting it in a frame. The device became known as Kampfe’s rake and was produced for friends and customers at the New York shop. Its first product, the Gem Safety Razor, borrowed heavily from the Star Razor in design but soon outpaced the Star in sales.

If Gillette razors are easy to date because of their serial numbers and date codes (and also for being immensely more popular, especially.

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1940’s Gem 1912 Style Single Edge Safety Razor w/ Metal Case & Blade Bank

In the patent text on the right, hover your mouse over any text highligted in blue and the corresponding part will be highlighted in the drawings on the left. In the patent images on the left, hover over any part number or identifier and any mentions of it in the patent text on the right will be highlighted. If you click on a highlighted part it will stay highlighted until you click elsewhere. This allows you to scroll through the patent text and see where a part is referenced.

The Ever-Ready single edge razor rivals any modern cartridge or double edge razor today. Quality and build and shave makes this a.

Wishlist 0 Cart 0. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Cincinnati, Ohio ca. Antiques, December p. Birmingham, London, and Sheffield, England. Marked “Made in Germany”, although the company’s offices were located at E. Louisville, KY. The firm was sold in From ca. Mary’s Road, Sheffield. In business at least between and Rockingham St. Importers of Razors.

American Safety Razor Dating Chart – Gem, Ever Ready, Kampfe Star

Razor lot only on blade. Bell-end 3-piece Aristocrat model introduced. These razors now come with hollow handles.

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Instructions: 1. Hold dispenser in right hand between thumb And index finger with thumb window facing up And towards you. I love these a LOT. I have really ugly caluses on my feet and they are the only ones that remove them like a champ. I bought these razor blades for shaving my face and they work great. They provide smooth shaves and can be used multiple times.

I would recommend this product for single head razors.

Dating a 1912 Ever Ready SE

Discussion in ‘ Safety Razors ‘ started by Darkbulb , Mar 1, Log in or Sign up. Found this on the internet and thought it can be useful for identifying..


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American Safety Razor Company

Model A1. No lug at top of handle Lever Button instead of lever Model A2. Email This BlogThis! Unknown October 2, at PM. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Apply ALL features listed to identify a razor.

small collection of shaving razors called straight razors that date from produced razors and disposable blades under the names Star, Gem.

After my first couple of shaves I can see myself reaching for this razor more than I would have imagined. The first issue after identifying the razor, which was solved with a quick post over on BadgerandBlade. The razors that fit into this, and many other vintage razors, resemble a blade you may find at the hardware store with only a single sharp edge and the other side having a solid BRACE.

I feel like I need to make it clear that you are NOT to use the hardware store type blades, not sure if they even fit, they are not the same thing. My search lead me to Cannaught Shaving out of the U. The razors came in these nice little spring powered boxes that make them easy to store and a little safer if they get into the wrong hands. The issue after finding the blades was cleaning the razor, disinfecting really. The razor itself was free of any gunk, it looked like it was cleaned by the vendor.

I still felt the need to disinfect it however. Empty and repeat. I was really impressed with how well built the razor felt when I held it for the first time.

Gem 1912 Single Edge Razor Review and Shave