Ang International Communist League Fourth Internationalist ay isang proletaryo, rebolusyonaryo at internasyonalistang tendensi na nagtataguyod sa tungkulin ng pagtatag ng mga Leninistang partido bilang mga pambansang seksyon ng isang demokratiko-sentralistang internasyonal na layunin ay pamunuan ang uring manggagawa sa tagumpay sa pamamagitan ng mga sosyalistang rebolusyon sa buong daigdig. Tanging ang proletaryado lamang, sa pag-agaw ng kapangyarihang pulitikal at sa pagwasak sa kapitalismo bilang sistemang pandaigdig, ang makapaglalatag ng basehan para sa eliminasyon ng pagsasamantala at resolusyon ng kontradiksyon sa pagitan ng paglago ng produktibong pwersa ng ekonomiya sa daigdig at mga balakid ng mga pambansang-estado. Matagal nang nalipasan ng kapitalismo ang progresibo-istorikal na papel nito sa pagbuo ng modernong ekonomiyang industriyal. Para mapanatili ang kanilang paghahari, kinakailangan gawin ng mga pambansa kapitalistang uri ang samantalahin ang nasyonal, etniko at makalahing hatian, na lalong pinatindi mula noong pagwasak ng Unyong Soviet. Sa huling nagdedeliryong pagsisikap nitong mapanatili ang makauring paghahari, ang burgesya ay hindi mag-aatubiling ilugmok ang sangkatauhan sa isang nukleyar na pagkapugnaw o sa diktatoryal na opresyon na di pa napaparisan ang pagkabangis. Sa kabilang banda, ang tagumpay ng proletaryado sa pandaigdigang antas ay maglalagay ng di pa nasisilayang materyal na kasaganaan sa pagsilbi ng mga pangangailangan ng sangkatauhan, ilatag ang basehan ng pagpawi ng mga uri at ang eradikasyon ng panlipunang di pagkakapantay-pantay na nakabatay sa kasarian at ang ultimong abolisyon ng panlipunang pagkasignipikante ng lahi, bansa at etnisidad. Sa unang pagkakataon, hahawakan ng sangkatauhan ang renda ng kasaysayan at kukontrolin ang sariling likha, ang lipunan, at magbubunga sa di pa naaatim na emansipasyon ng potensyal na pantao, at isang monumental na lunsad pasulong ng sibilisasyon.

What the Soviet Union was really like

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When the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) or the Philippine thermore, the FFF formed a loose alliance called KIBAPIL with KASAPI, LAKASDIWA, of Free Farmers as of the dates mentioned respectively after their names, the disintegration of the Soviet Union in , which was a serious blow to.

Algae play profound roles in aquatic food chains and the carbon cycle, can impose health and economic costs through toxic blooms, provide models for the study of symbiosis, photosynthesis, and eukaryotic evolution, and are candidate sources for bio-fuels; all of these research areas are part of the mission of DOE’s Joint Genome Institute JGI. To date JGI has sequenced, assembled, annotated, and released to the public the genomes of 18 species and strains of algae, sampling almost all of the major clades of photosynthetic eukaryotes.

With more algal genomes currently undergoing analysis, JGI continues its commitment to driving forward basic and applied algal science. Among these ongoing projects are the pan- genome of the dominant coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi, the interrelationships between the 4 genomes in the nucleomorph-containing Bigelowiella natans and Guillardia theta, and the search for symbiosis genes of lichens. While initially a virtual institute, the driving force behind the creation of the DOE Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, California in the Fall of was the Department of Energy’s commitment to sequencing the human genome.

With the publication in of a trio of manuscripts describing the finished ‘DOE Human Chromosomes’, the Institute successfully completed its human genome mission.

The Warsaw Pact is formed

The Soviet Union and seven of its European satellites sign a treaty establishing the Warsaw Pact, a mutual defense organization that put the Soviets in command of the armed forces of the member states. The treaty called on the member states to come to the defense of any member attacked by an outside force and it set up a unified military command under Marshal Ivan S.

Konev of the Soviet Union. The introduction to the treaty establishing the Warsaw Pact indicated the reason for its existence. The Soviets obviously saw this as a direct threat and responded with the Warsaw Pact.

Soviet Union, in full Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), Russian Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik or Sovetsky Soyuz, former northern.

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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

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The period in the relations between the US and the Soviet Union from the s to the late s, known for its tension and hostility, became known in history as the Cold War. A major crisis in the relationship was the Cuban missile crisis, when a US plane spotted numerous intermediate ballistic records from the Soviet Union on Cuba. Various causes are responsible for the outbreak of the Cold War. On the other hand, Russia could not accept the dominance of United States of America upon the other European Countries.

Secondly, the Race of Armament between the two superpowers served another cause for the Cold War. So America started to manufacture the Atom bomb, Hydrogen bomb and other deadly weapons.


Please refresh the page and retry. W ith the eyes of the world on Russia, Marcel Theroux recalls 25 bittersweet memories of the old Red Empire. In the summer of , I was travelling through the Soviet Union collecting information intended for a guidebook. Though no-one realised it at the time, the days of the USSR were numbered and the guidebook never found its way into print. The current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has declared his deep regret at the break-up of the Soviet Union.

I don’t feel the same way; but here, in no particular order, are 25 things that in some way capture the strangeness of that vanished place and time.

Noong , naging kasapi rin ng alyansa ang Russia. Sa pagbuo ng Triple Alliance, nilayon ng Germany, ilalim ng pamunuan ni Otto von.

This self-proclaimed Marxist state was created out of the ruins of the Tszarist Empire following the Bolshevik Revolution of October and the ensuing civil war in Russia. In the view of many scholars, the USSR under Vladimir Lenin — and Joseph Stalin — evolved into a totalitarian dictatorship directly responsible for the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens.

Here the nature and scale of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Soviet state from the October Revolution to the death of Stalin will be examined, along with differing perspectives on Leninist and Stalinist terror. Russian political culture lacked liberal or democratic roots and institutions, and for many centuries the state had dominated society, often using repressive methods carried out by a prototype secret police force. As a consequence of this police state and emergent modernization during the course of the late nineteenth century, social tensions ran deep in tsarist Russia.

For various political and socioeconomic reasons, these tensions between peasants and landlords, urban industrial workers and their bosses, and alienated middle-class intellectuals and the anachronistic tsarist state grew in the decades before Indeed, in and a full-scale, but ultimately abortive, revolution had occurred that threatened to overthrow monarchical rule.

The nail in tsarism’s coffin came during World War I. Russia’s largely unsuccessful efforts to conduct the war against Germany and Austria added significantly to internal discontent. The result was the February Revolution of , which forced Nicholas II to abdicate in favor of a centrist provisional government. Despite meaningful democratic reforms the provisional government was unable to win mass support and it was, in turn, removed from power by the Bolshevik October Revolution.

The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, were a small urbanized Marxist party whose political mentality and revolutionary goals are critical for an understanding of the later communist crimes against humanity. It would not be an exaggeration to argue that the Bolsheviks were utopian revolutionaries some might say megalomaniac fanatics who were utterly convinced that capitalism, liberalism, and parliamentarianism were dead, that socialism, and ultimately communism, represented the inevitable wave of the future, and that human society and individuals were perfectible by state engineering.

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The Warsaw Pact was created in reaction to the integration of West Germany into NATO [4] [5] [6] [7] in per the London and Paris Conferences of , [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] but it is also considered to have been motivated by Soviet desires to maintain control over military forces in Central and Eastern Europe. There was no direct military confrontation between them; instead, the conflict was fought on an ideological basis and in proxy wars.

Both NATO and the Warsaw Pact led to the expansion of military forces and their integration into the respective blocs. The Pact began to unravel in its entirety with the spread of the Revolutions of through the Eastern Bloc, beginning with the Solidarity movement in Poland [16] and its electoral success in June East Germany withdrew from the Pact following the reunification of Germany in On 25 February , at a meeting in Hungary , the Pact was declared at an end by the defense and foreign ministers of the six remaining member states.

(a) kinatatagpuan ng bansang humihiling na maging kasapi sa kinikilalang heograpiya ng rehiyon ng Timog Silangang Asya;. (b) pagkilala ng lahat ng mga​.

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10 Darkest Secrets of the Soviet Union